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Here is Mason. He just turned three. Hope you all enjoy.


November 17, 2013 in Children, Family, Uncategorized


Here are the Elwell’s two years later. They added a member of the family since the last time I saw them. We went out to Libby Hill Park to enjoy some of the last colorful trees of fall. Hope you all enjoy.












Once again these are the Potters and although it’s hard to believe time passed so quickly, their daughter is one year older. I am sure you will be able to tell how old she is if you scroll down (spoiler alert). I have taken her pictures for the past three years and have seen her transform into a precious little lady. I had a hard time finding a stopping point on the photos to show of her. This year we went out to Forest Hill Park. I had never been there and it was really a great place to take pictures. I will have to make a trip back some time. Hope you all enjoy the photos.




March 13, 2013 in Children, Family, Uncategorized

Meet the Fords. This young couple celebrated a new addition to their family just over 3 months ago. We met at Sunday Park for a family/ baby photo shoot. Little did I know that this is where their wedding also was. It has to be pretty cool seeing your family start and grow all in the same place. Enjoy their pictures.


It seems like every time I have been to the Capitol for a photo shoot it has been 100 degrees and just miserably humid. Today was the first day I have had a shoot there when it was a nice 70 degrees and beautiful weather. This young family hit the timing of the weather just right which made for happy children and great pictures. Enjoy some of this family’s previews.


I know it’s only September, well its almost October, and people are still enjoying the somewhat warm weather, but the next time you look at the calendar, it will be December and it will be time to get those Christmas cards off to all the friends and loved ones. I am here to help you out and get your Christmas cards juiced up this year with a current portrait of your family. Speaking from personal experience, getting a Christmas card with a family portrait on the front of it is my favorite card to get. We proudly display them on the refrigerator or on the mantel every year.  This year, ditch the plain Jane card with just your signature and show loved ones and friends how your family has grown, changed or not changed during this past year with pictures.

When: Book now and reserve a convenient date and time.

Where: Richmond and surrounding areas in Virginia (outside of Richmond will require a travel fee).

Time: 1 hour photo shoot

Cost: $99 (gets you all edited digital files, and online gallery)

Contact: (804) 239-2736

Here are some samples from the past year



You might remember the Potter’s from about 1 year ago. If not, here is the link . This family came back to me for some pictures of their daughter who just turned two a couple of months ago. It was really great to see how much she has changed over the past year.  She is so full of personality and such a pleasure to be around.  After these photo shoots, I generally post anywhere from 5 to 10 pictures on the blog so  family and friends can get a sampling of what pictures we took. I honestly had the hardest time narrowing down a selection of images to post. They were all so good and so different. In about 10 seconds this little one would have more funny and cute faces than I could ever even show.  Hope you all enjoy.



This is James. Close friends of ours just took this little guy home from the hospital only a couple of weeks ago. As you can see from the title, this little one shares his name from 3 other James’s in his family.  I am sure we all will come up with a nickname for him just like we did his father many years ago. I’ve known James’s dad for years and am so proud of him in his new role of being a father. Hope you all enjoy.

May 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

This is Kennan.  She is a cute 3-month-old who had her first photo shoot at Maymont this past week. Battling the heat, we pushed through and got some great pictures.  I officially had my first embarrassing photography moment at this shoot. As we were photographing her up on a hill near the gazebo, I backed up and accidentally bumped her stroller sending it rolling down this big hill with me in chase. As the empty baby stroller  was rolling very fast down the hill, people around the area were gasping and shouting “oh no,” thinking Kennan was still inside. I finally caught up to the stroller and then proceeded to trip and tumble down the rest of the hill still with camera in hand and one hand on the stroller. Once the onlookers realized that Kennan wasn’t in the stroller, they were laughing. I am glad I could provide some intertwinement for the good folks at Maymont. Hope you all enjoy.



Going to zoos and aquariums sometimes makes me feel like the National Geographic Photographer I have always wanted to become. However after I get all of the images onto my computer I always have this feeling that I just cheated. The REAL National Geographic Photographers spend months researching and camping out in extreme environments to get that 20 seconds with a snow leopard or almost die from eating or drinking the jungle water when living with native tribes. I feel like I cheated because I stroll up to a tank or an exhibit where animals, lighting, and scenery have all been carefully placed to make it look good. I haven’t backpacked for weeks, or been on a boat for days, I just walk around in an air-conditioned building and shoot dangerous animals through glass or fences. But I still have fun and I still get some images that I am pretty happy with. I have taken pictures at the Baltimore Aquarium before, however, this time was different. I was at a science conference all week and took one morning and went over to the aquarium. It was me and about 10 other people in the whole place. Normally when I go to this aquarium it is wall to wall people and it is very difficult to see all of the exhibits. So this time I just relaxed and really got to enjoy the exhibits and animals that this place has to offer. I don’t know why but for some reason I really liked taking pictures of the alligators and crocodiles. It must be my current obsession with the show swamp people. If you ever get a chance go see this great aquarium. Hope you enjoy.